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Email and SMS Marketing

Email and SMS Marketing

Email newsletters

Even with Facebook and Twitter, email still remains the most effective way to communicate your message to your customers or clients.

This is because there is plenty of feedback available to tell you who is interested in your offering.

An email newsletter is a great way of keeping customers informed of your offer or new services.

We can help you set up a fully responsive branded email template from which you can go on and build your own emails.

Our simple template builder and email editor allows you to add sections to your email and drop in images at exactly the right size.

Your subscriber list is the most important part of your marketing toolkit.

Add any number of extra fields to help filter your lists so that each email targets only the most interested of your recipients.

See how your campaigns are doing - how many emails were opened, how many links were clicked - and compare against other emails.

We can help improve the deliverability of your emails by analysing feedback and statistics from each campaign.

In addition we have a large knowledge base you can tap in to to help manage all aspects of your business email.

Don't forget your standard emails either - welcome emails, order confirmations, invoices - do you know if these are getting to their intended recipients?

We can track all these as well and identify any issues.

Inbound emails

Emails sent to a specific email address can be processed directly by your website or database.

SMS Marketing

Sending texts from an application or website is much more reasonable than many people think. SMS reminders and alerts are a highly effective means of communicating with a customer.

Your email subscriber list can contain mobile numbers. It is then simple to create recipient groups to send texts to.

Email to SMS
Email to SMS

Our email to SMS facility allows you to send a text to a group simply by sending an email to a special email address.

All texts are logged and tracked and you can even have replies sent back in to your application.

Email and SMS can easily be linked so for example you can send a text reminder to a group of people, ask them to reply with a Yes or No and then depending on that reply, automatically send an email with further information.

Example uses of SMS are:
Reminders eg Appointment reminders, Payment reminders, Membership renewal reminders, Event reminders, Booking Reminders
Events eg Upcoming events, Event invites, Cancelled or changed event times
Customers eg Special offers, Birthday greetings and offers, Competitions
Staff eg Rota changes and updates, Shift reminders, Extra shifts available
Other eg Urgent information, VIP member information, Booking / Order confirmations


Trigger emails to be sent to people following a specific action such as opening a previous email or clicking on a link in an email.

This and other automation helps free up you and your staff to do other things. All the while, this automatic activity is recorded so you can see exactly what has been going on.

Haven't got much time for newsletters?

Using our automatic newlsetter software, all you have to do is send an email at any time with your news article in the message to a specific email address and it is automatically formatted in to an article for the next newsletter.

These articles sit waiting until a newsletter is due to be sent and then they are all scooped up and sent out to the designated recipients.

We can also help with, spam checking, importing and exporting contact lists, newsletter sign up forms, website enquiry forms, questionnaires, surveys, special promotion codes, advertising in your emails.

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