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Editing website content
Editing website content

Once your web site is up and running the hard work begins. You have to keep it up to date with fresh content in order to keep visitors coming

Equally important is making sure that there is no out of date information on the site. It doesn't look very professional when your home page still shows details of a special offer that ended two years ago!

One of the best ways to keep high in search engine rankings is to keep changing the pages on your site.

Many companies commission a web site from a web design company and as they have no specialist in-house knowledge of web site design, rely on that company to update the site at regular intervals. Not only can this be costly but, as (hopefully!) the company will have lots of other clients, may also take some time for changes to happen

Form2Web is our own content management system and aims to solve this problem by providing an easy to use interface for adding and editing content. Text, pictures and files can be uploaded to the site and each piece of information is categorised so that it appears in the right place on the site.

Form2Web features

  • Add, edit or remove content easily. - Simply click on an item on the page and a form will open. Add or edit the information and click Save. Its as simple as that
  • Time limit content. - When content is added, a start and end date can be displayed for the content. Outside of these dates it will never appear on the site
  • Create your own enquiry forms - Control the look of your enquiry forms. Add extra fields, options for users to select or change the address the email is sent to
  • Run advertising campaigns - Adverts can be added to pages and displayed randomly or permanently. Statistics are available on how many times the ad is clicked
  • E-commerce ready - form2web can be integrated with several well known online payment systems such as Paypal and Worldpay
  • Fully customisable - form2web is template driven so depending on your HTML and CSS skills, you can change the layout of the site as well as the content
  • Automatic upgrades - form2web is constantly being developed so you will get the latest features and bug fixes as soon as they are available (some features may not apply to your subscription)
  • Modular pricing structure - form2web is priced on a monthly fee that is based on the features that are being used. So you can start off with a basic site and add more features at a later date
The editor image gallery
The editor image gallery
Quickly insert a link to other pages on the site
Quickly insert a link to other pages on the site

There is no need to have a site built from scratch in order to use form2web. We can transfer any existing site to use this system. Alternatively you can keep your existing site as it is and just use one or two of the features from form2web. (for example enquiry forms)

For more information visit the form2web site. (Naturally the site is built using form2web!)

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