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MySQL database development


MySQL is a powerful Open Source database meaning that the software itself is free. The majority of the web sites we create now use MySQL if a database is required.

However, although MySQL is predominantly used for web based applications, there is no reason why it can't be used for desktop applications and company intranets as well.

If your company already uses a Microsoft Access database and you want to convert this to a client server model then you are better off using SQL Server which can be made to work with your existing forms and reports much more easily. However you may want to consider converting the whole application to be web based.

This obviously requires much more work initially but there are advantages too. Anyone can use the application from anywhere there is an Internet connection (the application will of course be password protected), data is backed up off site and any problems can be fixed remotely without the need of a site visit

We are happy to take on a project from scratch or to convert any existing application to use MySQL. This can then be hosted on our servers or on your network if you wish.

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