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Do you keep in contact with existing customers as much as you'd like to?

Your existing customers are your most valuable asset so it is important to regularly send them news, company updates, special offers, or just keep in touch on a monthly or weekly basis.

You can use your email program to send out the odd email but once your distribution list starts to grow it is difficult to manage.

If you have sent out information to customers by email do you know how many of them read it?

Our email marketing solution includes the following:

  • Email editor - easy image upload with controls to ensure image is always the right size. Add image from a web page or online storage. Crop images.
  • Template snippets - store and reuse content for any email.
  • Check for spam - send a test email and get an email back with the spam score.
  • Reports - who opened your emails, what they clicked on. By device type, country or filtered by fields within subscriber data. View full activity for each subscriber. Compare multiple campaigns. Export campaign reports to Excel
  • Bounce / Unsubscribe handling - Automatic updating of mailing list based on bounces / unsubscribes
  • Recording - Full record of who has been sent what and if it was delivered / opened
  • Forms - Forward to a friend, sign up form and unsubscribe personalisation.
  • Social media sharing - Add buttons to share on Facebook and Twitter
  • Video links - Video Image generator. Enter a youtube url and an image (with link) is automatically generated with play button overlaid on it.
  • Buttons - Call to Action button generator.
  • Mailing Lists - Create an unlimited number of lists. Dynamic lists based on user interaction.
  • Subscibers - Unlimited additional data stored against each recipient.
  • Triggers - automation - send follow up emails after a certain date / time from previous email.
  • Archive - Online version of emails
  • Also - Special offer codes, Surveys / questionnaires

We have various packages to suit depending on the number of subscribers you have and how regularly you want to send emails.

We also offer an email design service

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