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Recent projects


Some recent projects we have been working on.

Bespoke CMS

Bespoke CMS

This application was written to manage a wedding directory website.

There is a facility for clients to be able to update all articles, competitions and the online page turner.

A recent addition is the ability to add advertisements (banner and block) to any page on the site and control how long they are displayed for.

It is now also used by the same client to manage an online business magazine website.

Dance Holiday bookings

Dance Holiday bookings

Originally written using Microsoft Access we've recently switched this to a hosted online solution.

The database manages all bookings for the holidays and has a built in seating plan generator which produces a report for display at the hotel.

Other reports include rooming lists for the hotel and a list of dancers according to experience.

The system will generate and send out invoices and has a mail merge facility to notify dancers of forthcoming holidays or other holidays that might be of interest.

We've recently added an online questionnaire that is sent to all clients after a holiday and requests their feedback on a number of different aspects of the holiday.

Client Database

Client Database

This database is written using PHP and MySQL and is hosted on the clients intranet.

The application is for a firm of Independent Financial Advisers and stores all client contact and policy details.

It includes a document management facility so that all documents relating to a client can be scanned and linked to the client record.

Following input of information a Fact Find document can be created and printed in Microsoft Word.

A powerful advanced search facility can be used to mail merge standard letters to Word.

Stock Database

Stock Database

This database was written for a company that buys and sells earthmoving machinery.

As well as storing details of stock it also has a section to record details of machine hire, additional costs (such as maintenance / repair) and the ability to raise invoices.

There are daily email alerts to notify users of shipping departure and arrival times and a list of outstanding maintenance tasks on machines.

All bank transactions are entered into the application which then allows multiple users to see balances at a glance.

A recent addition is the ability to print PDF statements to customers.

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