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Javascript Programming


JavaScript is probably the most widely used scripting language in web sites today.

The advantage it has over PHP and ASP is that its runs on the client machine and not on the server meaning that pages do not need to be reloaded when a script is run. The disadvantage is that it can be turned off in the users browser so you can't guarantee that a script will run.

In the last few years, JavaScript has become one of the most sought after skills as it is fundamental to AJAX programming which allows communication between the client and server without reloading the whole page. This will allow web applications to become nearly as responsive as current desktop applications.

jQuery is a cross-browser JavaScript library designed to simplify the client-side scripting of HTML. We have worked with jQuery since it was released, we use it on every application we work on and have created several of our own plugins so we can do almost anything with it.

Below is a screen shot of our 2 click time selector in action

Time Selector

Initially the hour values are displayed next to the text box where the time is entered. Clicking on one of the hour values puts the value in to the text box (and defaults to 00 minutes).

After the hour is clicked, the minute values are displayed. Clicking on one of these adds the minutes to the selected hour. The hours are then displayed again ready for input.

The hour and minute values displayed are fully configurable and it is much quicker than scrolling through drop down lists.

Even if you only want to add an image rollover effect to your web site, ask us for a quote and we'll do our best to give you a competitive price.

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