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Adding a video to an email

30-08-2018 by Andrew Parrott

Adding a video to an email

Some email readers allow videos to be played directly in the email - but some don't.

Although some email readers can play a video straight from the email, the safest way to promote a video is to put an image in your email and link to it.

This means getting the image from one of the frames of the video and then adding an arrow icon (which is universally recognised as the play button) to it in an image editor.

We have developed a simple tool that does this for you. Just paste the link to a Youtube video in the box below and press the Submit button

This will open a new window with the image in it ready to download

(To get the link to the video you want, go to Youtube, click on the video you want and then click the Share tab - see image below)

Youtube video link

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