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Track and Trace

03-07-2020 by Andrew Parrott

Track and Trace
Photo by Jason Polley on Unsplash

We have created a simple app to help businesses in the hospitality industry comply with the new regulations regarding keeping contact details of customers for 21 days.

Hospitality businesses have been asked to do the following:

Collect the names and phone numbers of staff working at the premises

Make a record of the name and contact number of any customers or visitors

Record the date, arrival and departure time of all visitors

Store the information for 21 days, after which it should be safely deleted.

As with anything like this it needs to be easy to take and give contact details and record the times of arrival and departure otherwise it won't get used.

Here's how the app works:

1/ A business signs up and creates an account.

2/ They are emailed a QR code which contains a link to their account page.

3/ A customer comes in to the establishment and scans the QR code on their phone.

4/ The customer then fills in their details and the date and time of their arrival at the establishment is recorded.

5/ The customer then receives a QR code on their phone.

QR code on phone

6/ When they leave the business will scan their QR code which records the departure time.

All details are stored securely on a server and the business doesn't see any of the contact details. If there is a case of Covid-19 and the business is required to handover details, they can just email a file to the authorities.

The data is 'cleaned' on a daily basis and anything older than 21 days is automatically deleted.

Once a customer has registered then they can use the same QR code in other establishments (if that business is using this system)

A photo can be used above the QR code as an identifier and a cross check that the details are correct.

We are still finalising the details and testing it but if you are interested please give us a ring on 01647 433276 or use the contact form at the bottom of this page to get in touch.

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