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Is your website secure?

16-10-2018 by Andrew Parrott

Is your website secure?

A recent update means that Google is now highlighting insecure sites.

When you view your website, do you see the padlock icon in the address bar?

A non secure site in Google Chrome

If not, then in Google Chrome (and other browsers very soon) it will show as Not Secure

Google has also announced that this will be a factor in their ranking algorithm too. So a non secure site will not appear as high in search results as a secure one.

Even if your site is secure and works over https without errors, it still needs to be configured so that the brwoser automatically displays the secure version whenever a page on the site is displayed

You also have to be careful with any images or external scripts on the site as these can be blocked when running over https

We can help get an SSL certificate for your site and fix any issues when it is running over https.

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