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Why choose Round Ash Associates

We started off developing database applications with Microsoft Access over 15 years ago so we know a thing or two about the Office products. Many of our customers are still with us which goes to show that the support is there too.

During this time the Internet revolution has continued at an incredible pace with the result that customers now use it as a starting point for products or services in preference to the phone book.

As a result web sites have got more sophisticated with databases serving up lists of products and dynamic content. We believe our database skills give us the edge over some other web design companies when it comes to dynamic or e-commerce web sites.

Over the years we've expanded our database skills to include SQL Server and MySQL and on the programming side can undertake projects involving VBA, ASP, PHP and Javascript.

Based in the Westcountry our overheads are lower and with Dartmoor right on our doorstep we can always take inspiration from the beauty of the countryside.

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