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Microsoft Access database development

Progress Tracker

Progress Tracker

This database tracks the progress of children in English, Mathematics and Science for a Primary School. The results for each year and term are compared to the expected averages.

The results for each pupil can be exported to an Excel graph.

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We've been developing business databases with Microsoft Access for over 15 years now and started with version 2.0

Microsoft Access is ideally suited to business applications where there are only a few users accessing the database at any one time. As many companies already own a copy of Microsoft Office, an Access database is often their first office system.

Having written many business systems over the years we can call on lots of experience not just with Access but with different business processes so that we understand what you are looking for in an application. We also have plenty of code we can reuse which makes the overall project cost much cheaper than starting from scratch.

As well as creating new applications we are happy to maintain or develop your existing database. In fact many of our clients come to us because one of their staff (or a student on a work placement) created a database using Microsoft Access. Often we are contacted because the staff member has left the company or the business has outgrown the original system. We are happy to work with any existing system and will not insist on rewriting it unless the original has serious design flaws that would make it impossible to build on. In practice we've only found this in a handful of cases.

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