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Domain Names explained

The domain name is the part of the web site address after www or http but before the specific page names. For example the domain name for this site is

A domain name allows you to have the address of your web site the same as your business - for example instead of one allocated by your web site hosting company - for example

Apart from providing a more memorable address, a domain name also looks more professional

Domain names cost very little to register but note that there is an ongoing cost to keep using them. This is usually payable every two years (see below)

Once you have your domain you can set up mailboxes so that your email correspondence is sent from a company email address instead of a personal one

We can also help you authenticate this domain so emails are more likely to get through to their intended recipients

Domain Name Costs

  • - £20.00 for two years
  • .com - £30.00 for two years
  • .org - £30.00 for two years
  • - £20.00 for two years
  • .info - £30.00 for two years
  • .biz - £30.00 for two years
  • .name - £30.00 for two years
  • .eu - £30.00 for two years
  • .net - £30.00 for two years

Choosing a domain name

If you can find a domain name that is easy for your customers and potential customers to remember, describes the product or service you sell, and that ranks high in search engine results then you'll have done the hard bit.

Several of the major search engines rank web sites much higher if the search terms are contained in the domain name.

If your website or business caters to the local community, then it makes sense to get a country-specific domain (for example In this case you will probably benefit from having a local domain because the people in your country know that they're dealing with a local company.

If your site caters for an international audience then a .com domain would be the natural choice.

If you can't find the domain name you are looking for then consider some of the following alternatives:

  • .org - The most common extension used by charities or organisations. It can be used in conjunction with a country reference - (for example Generally indicates a non commercial web site.
  • .net - Used by both commercial and non commercial web sites. No geographical reference. Often used if other extensions are taken
  • .info - Intended for use by information web sites
  • .biz - Intended for use by business or professional web sites
  • .name - A personal domain name. This can include a second dot so that you can have
  • - Another domain intended for personal use.
  • .eu - Intended for use by companies or individuals in the European Union.

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