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Database Development

Staff Calendar


This is a simple Access Database that functions as a staff calendar to allow managers to see who is working on what project or is on holiday etc. The calendar can be configured to allow more staff members to be added and 'event categories' can be colour coded.

The calendar is built automatically to display a column for each staff member across the top and a row for each day in the week down the page.

A database is the powerhouse of any business system. Whether it be contact management, stock control, invoicing or accounting you will need a database.

We have experience in developing applications using Microsoft Access, Microsoft SQL Server and MySQL. We can also create applications based around Microsoft Word and Microsoft Excel.

The types of applications we've developed over the years include contact management, stock control, magazine subscriptions, questionnaires, document management, charity gift tracking, payroll, airfield management and table seating plans.

We can also convert an old proprietary application to use one of the above databases.

Database design services

Round Ash Services


Simple brochure sites, powerful content managed sites or full e-commerce projects - we have a solution that suits you.

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Email Marketing


Send automated emails, newsletters and texts. Track delivery. Measure responses. Build sign up forms and surveys.

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With years of expertise in desktop and web based databases we can help your business by automating the processes.

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SMS alerts

It is much cheaper than you think to send texts to your customers or clients

Enhance your customer service by sending timely reminders or confirmations

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