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Company Details

  • Address/Contact details summary.
  • Quick link to edit customer record.
  • Company fields include Company Name, Category, Description, Address, Telephone, Fax, Website, Lead details and optional alternative invoice address.
  • Core tabs are Contacts, Notes, Correspondence, Reminders and Groups.
  • Additional tabs for Invoices, Projects and Bookings.


  • List of all contacts linked to customer record.
  • Quick links to edit contact record and send email to contact.
  • Contact fields include Firstname, Surname, Position, Email, Mobile and Birthday with options to set as Main Contact, Invoice Contact and whether to send emails.


  • Add a note that relates to a specific contact in the company or just the company itself.
  • Tag notes so they can be found easily.
  • Record who added the note and when.


  • Shows a list of all emails sent from the database to contacts from the company.
  • For standard emails the email name is logged but for personalised emails you can view the email in a pop up window.
  • All emails sent are automatically logged in the correspondence.


  • A list of all diary reminders set for the company.
  • Edit a reminder to change the due date or redisplay it on the front page.


  • See a list of the current groups that any of the company contacts belong to.
  • Quickly add a contact to an existing group or add a new group.
  • Remove contacts from groups.

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