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Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

A simple yet powerful web hosted solution to keep in touch with your customers and track email campaigns, projects, bookings and subscriptions.

The system is modular so you only pay for what you need. Charging is on a monthly basis so you know exactly where you stand.


CRM Clients Database
Search for contacts by company name, surname, firstname, postcode or reference - Create groups of contacts for mailings.

CRM - CompanyCompanies
Company records show all contacts, notes, correspondence (all emails sent), reminders (like tasks) and any groups they are members of.

CRM LettersLetters/Emails
create an unlimited number of standard letters (emails) - format them as in Microsoft Word - add links to files - insert images. All emails use a standard template that can be customised for your corporate image. Copy letters from existing letters - send to individuals, predefined groups or user defined groups - Schedule for delivery or send immediately.

CRM ReportsReports
Reports can be displayed on screen, created as a PDF file which can be printed or saved to your computer or saved to a PDF file on the server or a CSV file on the server. A new feature is that all reports that list contacts can be saved as a group so that those contacts can be sent emails.

CRM RemindersReminders
a simple task system that shows all reminders at login.

CRM AccountsAccounts
Raise manual or automatic (for membership, event bookings) invoices for customers. Print or send PDF invoices as attachments. Export to Sage. Other accounting systems can also be accommodated.

Other features:

Triggers - set up a trigger to fire when you carry out an action. For example, set a trigger so that when a specific email is sent a reminder to follow up the email in a certain number of days is added automatically. You don't have to work around built in defaults - you control where and when things happen.

Snippets - save chunks of text (and images and links) which can then be inserted into emails at any time. For example, set up a signature to add to all your emails.

Integrated Context Sensitive Help - click on the Help link on each page to see information relevant to that page. You can also add your own notes for things that you keep forgeting.

Additionally you can have...

Track the status of projects, upload project files, keep a history and add tasks. Keep time sheets for project tasks and run reports on project costs.

Track membership subscriptions, send subscription reminders, show pending renewals. All current members are automatically grouped together for emailing. Renew online.

Event Bookings
Add event details and set prices. Allow delegates to book and pay online. Keep track of who is booked and send reminders and venue details to delegates.

Ideal for...

  • Event organisers.
  • Holiday companies.
  • Accommodation providers.
  • Membership based organisations. (eg clubs, societies).

In fact because of its modular nature it can be tailored to any business.

More information and pricing.

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